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Parallel with the development of Conferences was the creation of an Archive (Eranos-Archiv für Symbolforschung) and an Institute for Research in Symbolism (Eranos-Institut für Symbolforschung). The Institute took shape through a series of seminars and specialized publications. The Archive was instead intended to hold the countless photographic reproductions of images derived from Eastern and Western iconographic traditions: alchemy, folklore, mythology, and contemporary “archetypal” representations. The Eranos Archive served as an indispensable iconographic base for important studies, such as C. G. Jung’s Psychology and Alchemy (1944), Mircea Eliade’s The Forge and the Crucible—The Origins and Structure of Alchemy (1956), and Erich Neumann’s The Origins and History of Consciousness (1954) and The Great Mother—An Analysis of the Archetype (1955). This unique and extraordinary material is preserved at the Warburg Institute (University of London). The Eranos Archive also represented the basis for the Archive for Research in Archetypal Symbolism (ARAS) in New York.

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