In addition to the events organized by the Foundation, Eranos hosts other activities. For decades, in fact, the Foundation’s buildings have provided lodging for encounters, events, and specialized seminars, and offered retreat opportunities for people to study and conduct research. The Lecture Hall of Casa Eranos, which was built in 1928, still has its own original charm. The historical library of Casa Gabriella holds a wide range of books on depth psychology, history of religions, philosophy, Eastern studies, literature, and art history. The collection is now being expanded as part of an important initiative for restoration, preservation, and enhancement of the Foundation’s archival and library heritage. The stillness of the place, the beauty of the park, the elegant and austere atmosphere of the rooms, the proximity of the lake and the view of the Brissago Islands radiate without a doubt something magical, which invites people near and far to stay regularly at Eranos, in Ascona-Moscia, for their personal retreats of study and research.

Eranos Foundation
Via Moscia 125
C.P. 779
6612 Ascona

Phone: +41 (0) 91 792 20 92


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