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The Swiss National Sound Archives keep 216 magnetic audiotapes, donated by the Eranos Foundation in 2009. The audiotapes record about 200 hours of lectures held at the Eranos Conferences organized between 1968 and 1998. The recordings — in German, French, and English language — are now available on digital media for listening at the Swiss National Sound Archives. Instead, the texts are published in the corresponding Eranos Yearbooks.

A selection of films, video testimonials, and video-documentaries can be also viewed on the Foundation's YouTube channel, through which the Foundation today documents almost all of its public cultural initiatives. The black and white video sequences included in the various films are taken from the silent movie Eranos 1951, directed by Ximena de Angulo-Roelli and Willy Roelli and produced by the C. G. Jung Institute of Los Angeles (1951), kept in the Foundation's archives.

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