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Today, with “Documentary Archive,” we don’t refer to the original collection the Eranos Archive for Research in Symbolism, currently housed at the Warburg Institute in London. Rather, with “Documentary Archive,” we make reference to the archival materials that testify to the cultural activity of the Foundation from the early 1930s till today. The Archive includes handwritten and typescript documents, letters, photographs, iconographic materials, and correspondences that took place between Olga Fröbe-Kapteyn and the lecturers involved in the Eranos project. The Foundation constantly evaluates applications to allow access to the Documentary Archive, in order to carry out specific research projects supported by a promoting university institution. The Archive is indeed regularly consulted and used, for example, in the case of critical editions of works by scholars connected with Eranos, including Jung’s seminar papers, and correspondences entertained by such scholars with Olga Fröbe-Kapteyn. The Eranos documentary collection, which is accessible like any other material belonging to the Foundation exclusively in presence in Ascona, is currently being digitized as part of a long-term archival preservation project.

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