The Eranos Foundation's cultural programs, generously supported by public and private contributions, intend to continue to move, gradually, in the direction of a partial self-financing of its activities. Nevertheless, it is our explicit desire to continue to provide high-quality cultural initiatives, if possible, entirely free of charge, as well as to offer, alongside the scientific activities, moments of informal and convivial meeting, which represent particularly appreciated opportunities for dialogue with our lecturers. In order to meet these needs, in 2016 we conceived the idea of establishing a club of supporters of Eranos, named – with an explicit reference to the Foundation’s history – Eranos Circle, whose objective is to gather the Foundation’s affectionate frequenters and guarantee them, in addition to the usual activities promoted at Ascona-Moscia and Monte Verità, a series of additional benefits. Specifically, for 2024, there are four ways to join the Eranos Circle:

There are also several projects underway to valorize the documents kept in the historical Eranos Archives: very rich materials (manuscripts, letters, photographs, and artworks), which have grown over the decades thanks to the untiring work of our founder, Olga Fröbe-Kapteyn (1881–1962), and her successors. The critical edition of these materials – which is part of the primary mandate of the Aragno Eranos Ascona Publishing House, founded for this purpose in 2019 – can be supported through ad hoc donations (personal and institutional), of which the Foundation is committed to give notice in the context of their publication. For more information and an overview of current projects eligible for support, please contact us.

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