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Myths and Mysteries of Károly Kerényi

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The Center for Religious Sciences (CSR) of the University of Turin, in collaboration with the Eranos Foundation and the Aragno * Eranos Ascona Publishing House, is organizing a study meeting, on the theme "Myths and Mysteries of Károly Kerényi" on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the death of Károly Kerényi (1897-1973) and the edition of Mysteries of the Kabeiroi. Introduction to the Study of Ancient Mysteries / The Mysteries of the Kabeiroi. Introduction to the Study of Ancient Mysteries, edited by Natale Spineto, Preface by Fabio Merlini and Riccardo Bernardini, Eranos Classics 5, Aragno * Eranos Ascona, Ascona 2023.


Greetings from the authorities and opening of the meeting

Aldo Magris, "The Divine Event."

Cornelia Isler-Kerényi, "Dionysus 1976 and Dionysus 2001 compared."

Francesco Massa, "Mysteries and Christianity in Kerényi between lexical issues and common Mediterranean background."

Enrico Manera, "Jesi's Reader of Kerényi. The Introduction to Myths and Mysteries and the interpretation of the 'prototype'."

Riccardo Bernardini, "Kerényi in Eranos: images from the Margarethe Fellerer fund of the Eranos Foundation"

Cornelia Isler-Kerényi and Natale Spineto, Conclusions

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