Ripensare la solidarietà. La società degli individui di fronte alla guerra e alle emergenze umanitarie


Rethinking Solidarity. The Society of Individuals in the Face of War and Humanitarian Emergencies

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The Eranos Foundation is pleased to invite you to an afternoon of studies on the theme "Rethinking Solidarity. The Society of Individuals in the Face of War and Humanitarian Emergencies", scheduled for Friday, May 6, 2022, from 6pm to 8pm, at the Conference Hall of the Cantonal Library (Palazzo Morettini, Via Cappuccini 12) in Locarno, within the philEXPO22 event and in collaboration with the Research Center "Tiresia. Philosophy and Psychoanalysis" afferent to the Department of Human Sciences of the University of Verona.

What about solidarity in the age of individualism and the crisis of social ties? What are the new forms of solidarity today, how do they assert themselves, and through what channels? But above all, against what forces must they assert themselves? In a society in which responsibility still seems to be valid only when the positioning of the individual on the job market is at stake, therefore a self-referential responsibility, while it has completely disappeared from the radar of the elite ("noblesse n'oblige plus"), questioning ourselves about solidarity means questioning ourselves about our relationship with ourselves, with others, and with the planet and its resources. And, before that, on the form that powers take today.

With Matteo Bonazzi, philosopher, University of Verona; Fabio Merlini, president of the Eranos Foundation of Ascona and regional director of the Swiss Federal university for Vocational Education and Training (SFUVET) of Lugano; Federico Leoni, philosopher, University of Verona; Matteo Vegetti, philosopher, University of Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland SUPSI.

Chairperson: Riccardo Bernardini, scientific secretary of the Eranos Foundation.

With an introductory welcome by Stefano Vassere, director of the Cantonal Library of Locarno.

Participation is free; registration is required.

Riccardo Bernardini is Scientific Secretary of the Eranos Foundation. Director of the Institute of Analytical Psychology and Psychotherapy IPAP (Ivrea), Analyst Member of the Associazione per la Ricerca in Psicologia Analitica (ARPA) and of the International Association for Analytical Psychology (IAAP), he is adjunct professor of Psychology of Evil and Radicalization Processes at the University of Turin. Since 2019, he serves as Secretary of the Order of Psychologists of Piedmont. Among his publications: Jung a Eranos. Il progetto della Psicologia Complessa (2011), Jung e Ivrea (2018), and Rebirth Symbols in the Basilica of San Miniato al Monte. Millenarian Anguishes and Eschatological Hopes in a Romanic Architecture (forthcoming). In agreement with the Foundation of the Works of C.G. Jung, he edited Carl Gustav Jung's The Solar Myths and Opicinus de Canistris. Notes from the Seminar held at Eranos in 1943 (with G.P. Quaglino and A. Romano, 2014), also in English translation (2015), and Rebirth. Text and notes of the lecture given at Eranos in 1939 (with F. Merlini, 2020).

Matteo Bonazzi is researcher in Moral Philosophy at the Department of Human Sciences of the University of Verona, where he teaches Philosophy of History, Phenomenology of Care, and Ethics and Philosophy of the Person, and is scientific coordinator of the Tiresia Research Center "Philosophy and Psychoanalysis". He is a psychotherapist (member of the Order of Psychologists of Lombardia), psychoanalyst (member of the Lacanian School of Psychoanalysis and the World Association of Psychoanalysis), Managing editor of the journal "PHI/PSY. Journal of philosophy and psychoanalysis" (ETS) and president of the clinical-cultural association "CLAC. Clinic of contemporary adolescence". In addition to various essays, he is the author of Il Libro e la scrittura. Tra Hegel e Derrida (2004), Scrivere la contingenza. Esperienza, linguaggio, scrittura in Jacques Lacan (2009), El lugar político del inconsciente contemporáneo (2012), Lacan e l'estetica. Lemmi (withD. Tonazzo, 2015), and Voce. Un incontro tra filosofia e psicoanalisi (with C. Serra and S. Vizzardelli, 2018).

Federico Leoni teaches Philosophical Anthropology at the University of Verona, where he is co-director of the Tiresia Research Center "Philosophy and Psychoanalysis", as well as coordinator of the Degree Course in Philosophy. He is co-director of the series "Phi/Psy" at the publisher Orthotes (Salerno) and of the international journal "Chiasmi" at the publishers Mimesis/Vrin (Milan/Paris). He teaches at IRPA (Research Institute for Applied Psychoanalysis, Milan), where he directs, among other things, the activities of the DEP (Department of Epistemology). He writes on "aut aut", "doppiozero", "il manifesto", and other newspapers, as well as various Italian and foreign journals. Among his books, we list here: Habeas corpus. Sei genealogie del corpo occidentale (2008), L’idiota e la lettera. Quattro saggi sul Flaubert di Sartre (2013), Jacques Lacan, una scienza di fantasmi (2019), L’automa. Leibniz, Bergson (2019), and Henri Bergson. Segni di Vita (2021).

Fabio Merlini, philosopher, is Regional Director of the Swiss Federal University School for Vocational Education and Training (SFUVET) in Lugano and President of the Eranos Foundation in Ascona. Among his books: L'efficienza insignificante. Saggio sul disorientamento (2009, published in French as L’époque de la performance insignifiante. Réflexions sur la vie désorientée, 2011), Schizotopies : Essai sur l’espace de la mobilisation (2013, published in Italian as Ubicumque. Saggio sul tempo e lo spazio della mobilitazione, 2015), L’architettura inefficiente (withL. Snozzi, 2014, published in French as L’architecture inefficiente, 2016), Catastrofi dell’immediatezza (with S. Tagliagambe, 2016), and Triste esthétique. Essais sur les catastrophes de l’immédiateté (2018, also released in Italian as L’estetica triste. Seduzione e ipocrisia dell’innovazione, 2019). For the “Eranos Classics” series, he edited Carl Gustav Jung's Rebirth. Text and notes of the lecture given at Eranos in 1939 (with R. Bernardini, 2020). His most recent work is Ritornare in sé. L'interiorità smarrita e l'infinita distrazione (2022).

Matteo Vegetti, philosopher, is Full Professor at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland SUPSI (Department of Environment, Construction, and Design DACD). He teaches at the Academy of Mendrisio and at the University of Bergamo. Among his works: La fine della storia. Saggio sul pensiero di Alexandre Kojève (2000), Hegel e i confini dell’Occidente. La fenomenologia nelle interpretazioni di Heidegger, Marcuse, Löwith, Kojève, Schmitt (2004), and L'invenzione del globo (2017). He also edited La città: note per un lessico socio-filosofico (with P. Perulli, 2005) and Filosofie della metropoli. Spazio, potere, architettura nel pensiero del Novecento (2009). His most recent work is L’invenzione del globo. Spazio, potere, comunicazione nell’epoca dell’aria (2017).

Health regulations: As of February 17, 2022, access restrictions for cultural events have been lifted. Nevertheless, new security measures issued in the meantime by the health authorities, such as further measures to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, may possibly apply to access to this event.

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