Montale Fuori di Casa Award. Grazia Marchianò: Interiority and Finitude


Montale Fuori di Casa Award. Grazia Marchianò: Interiority and Finitude

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The Eranos Foundation is involved in an important extra muros event, as part of which Grazia Marchianò, aesthetologist and orientalist who has been a lecturer at Eranos on several occasions, will be awarded the Montale Fuori di Casa Award 2023, for her book Interiorità e finitudine: la coscienza in cammino. Orizzonti eurasiatici [Interiority and Finitude: Consciousness on the Way. Eurasian Horizons], sixth volume of the series "I saggi di Eranos" (Rosenberg & Sellier, Turin): one of the channels through which the Foundation presents its activities. The ceremony will take place at the Sala Chierici of the Berio Library in the historic Palazzo del Seminario in Genoa on Wednesday, May 10, 2023, from 4:30 p.m.

After the opening greeting by Lawyer Alberto Montale, speeches by "Montale Fuori di Casa Award" President Adriana Beverini and Vice President Barbara Sussi will follow. Presenting the Laureate and interjecting with her will be Professor Fabio Merlini, president of the Eranos Foundation in Ascona, Switzerland, regional director of the Swiss Italian branch of the Swiss Federal University for Vocational Education and Training and former professor of Philosophy of Culture and Epistemology of the Human Sciences at the University of Lausanne. Coordinating the afternoon was the prize's communications manager, Alice Lorgna. "I believe that the awarding of the Prize to Professor Marchianò - says President Adriana Beverini - is an event of great cultural importance that we hope the city of Genoa and its university and cultural world will know how to rightly value. Grazia Marchianò, in fact, "is not only a rigorous connoisseur of Eurasian paths to knowledge (Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Zen) but-as essayist Silvia Ronchey writes about her in her latest book "Interiority and Finitude: Consciousness on the Way. Eurasian Horizons" (Turin: Rosenberg & Sellier, 2022) she also demonstrates that she knows how to "highlight the points of tangency that the ancient doctrines of the Vedic seers, the Masters of the Dao, the Buddhists and Zen monks (without forgetting the studies of the pre-Socratics, Plato, and certain Byzantine mystics) have with the very new studies on mind and consciousness carried out by the British physicist-mathematician and Nobel Prize winner Sir Roger Penrose and the American anesthesiologist and neurobiologist Stuart Hameroff." For these two brilliant scientists, in fact, consciousness would not in fact be the simple result of linear processes but would have its roots in entanglement. "A long journey, then - Adriana Beverini continues, as Prof. Marchianò well argues in her book - has led Humanity to question what consciousness and reality are, questions that Eugenio Montale asked himself many times and that in 2023 we wanted to put at the center of the theme of our Prize. At the end of the award ceremony, copies of the Prize's books will be donated to those present, while supplies last.

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