Imagining Otherwise. The Elaboration of the Human World in Tools, Beauty, and Knowledge
Do We still Need God?
The Elsewhere and the Necessity of Mysticism
Vocalities, Noises, Soundscapes: How Cultural Studies Began to Listen Again
Visions and Conjectures. The Virtuous Matching of Sense of Reality and Sense of Possibility
The Lost Interiority and Infinite Distraction
The Destiny of the Book
Democracy and Freedom Today. Possible Platonic Lessons
On Cancel Culture. From Judging to Lynching: Repressions and Discriminations in the Name of Morality
Meditations on Freedom. Autonomy in the Mirror of Vulnerability, between Paranoia and Responsibility
Hope and Crisis of the Future. Individual, Community, and Environment facing the Disillusionment with Progress
Politics and Techniques of Fear. The Shadow in the Era of the Crisis of Civilization, between Projection and Manipulation

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